Minutes of the Seabrook Point 2011 Annual Meeting

The 2011 annual meeting of the Seabrook Point Property Owners Association was held on March 14, 2011 at Grays Hill Baptist Church. All SPPOA Board Members were present: Al Truesdale, President, Alan Daigle, Vice-president, Gary Swank, Secretary, Don Smith, Treasurer, Christa Emminger

Fifty-Five proxies were received for a valid meeting quorum.

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by board chairman Al Truesdale. He took the opportunity to express appreciation to our community volunteers: Members of the Architectural Review Committee, Members of the Road Commission, Christa and Frank Emminger for Christmas decorations at the entrance, Hetty Nighman for repainting the street signs, all who participated in the Seabrook Point Clean-up, Judy and Gary Swank for publishing the SPPOA Directory, and to Don Smith, our outgoing officer, for all his years of service on the Board of Directors and the Roads Commission.

Al Truesdale presented the agenda for the meeting, which was approved. The minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting were reviewed and approved as read.

Gary Swank then gave an over-view of the board’s past year’s activities in brief:

  • Board meetings were held monthly, excluding December.
  • The board attempted to address issues as they arose.
  • We had a community clean-up day to paint signs, pick up trash.
  • We had a community day to treat the community dock with preservative.
  • The dock driveway was repaired, and decorative pilings were replaced.
  • Past-due fees were pursued for payment, including the use of Small Claims Court, in keeping with our fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Don Smith and Christa Emminger began a complete review of our covenants and by-laws, and consulted with an attorney experienced in homeowners association matters.
  • Flowers were added to the entry, and various sprinkler and electrical system repairs were made.

Steve Jones gave a report from the Architectural Control Committee. There were no new homes built in 2010. The majority of issues were remodeling and re-roofing. One new home is being constructed in 2011 to date, for the Pardue family.

Don Smith reviewed the past year’s budget and expenses. Major expense was attorneys’ fees for reviewing and consulting with us on our covenants and by-laws.   Don Smith then presented the 2011 SPPOA budget for approval. The motion was made, seconded, and approved by the majority present.

Frank Emminger, interim Chairman of the Roads Commission, then gave a report on the status of our roads loan, work being undertaken to clear gutters and road drainage, and  the necessity for homeowners to remove growth from the road right-of-ways.

Voting for officers to the SPPOA Board was then taken up. Bonnie Rogers added her name to the ballot list as a candidate, in addition to those of Lorrie Smith, Gary Swank, and Al Truesdale. Voting ensued, and ballots were counted and verified by Jane Rabon and Judy Swank. Lorrie Smith, Gary Swank, and Al Truesdale were elected to the Board for terms of two years each.

Christa Emminger gave a report on formation of the committee charged with making  revisions to SPPOA Covenants and By-Laws. The committee members will be : Dorothy Ann Rowland, Margaret Bukkosy, Katrina White, Steve Jones, and Kevin May. Don Smith will serve as a technical consultant. This committee’s next meeting will be held March 24th.

Robert Roth, our SPPOA webmaster, was not present, but a review of our website: www.seabrookpoint.com shows the many new features and appealing graphics that Bob has added to the site.

The floor was opened for resident comments. Major issues brought up were:

-Several members want better communications from the Board. The board agreed, and board meeting minutes will now be posted to our website.

-Dog leash rules continue to be an issue.

-Jim Minor reported that our district is unfairly paying about three times as much in taxes as other districts for fire protection. The community needs to become involved in this issue.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Swank, Secretary

To Owners of Unoccupied Lots…

As the 2011 mowing season begins, the SPPOA Board of Directors urges all owners of unoccupied lots to keep your properties mowed and cleared on a regular basis throughout the growing season. We express appreciation to those who are already mowing your properties on a regular basis.

The By-Laws of the Homeowners Association require the Board of Directors to enforce the Declaration of Covenants. Article VII, Section 5 (Right of Entry) states:

In order to preserve the overall beauty of the area and to implement effective insect, reptile, rodent, and/or woods fire control, the Association reserves the right to enter upon any Lot on which a residence has not been constructed and on which a landscaping plan has not been implemented. Such entry may be made by the Association or their agents with tractors or other suitable devices for the purpose of mowing, clearing, cutting or pruning underbrush, weeds or other unsightly growth which, in the opinion of the Association detracts from the overall beauty, setting and safety of the Properties. The Association may likewise enter upon such land to remove any trash which has collected thereon without such entry and removal being deemed a trespass. The provisions of this Article shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the Association to mow  clear, cut or prune any lot or to provide garbage or trash  removal services.  The cost of this vegetation control and/or garbage or trash removal shall be paid by the Owner of the affected Lot.

in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, the Board of Directors will contract to have lots mowed that meet the criteria  noted above   Ail costs will be billed to the affected property owners  and wi!l be collected by Bundy Appraisal or the Assoclatlon’s attorney  if necessary.  Some unoccupied properties have large limbs and trees down on the property.  These need to be removed by the property owners.   Otherwise, it becomes the duty of the SPPOA Board of Directors to remove trees, limbs and debris at the property owner’s expense.  This will be done.

We urge all owners of unoccupied lots to willingly comply with the requirements.  Lots should be mowed a minimum of once each month during the 2011 growing season.

No additional notice will be given.

The Board of Directors

Christa Emminger (846-05680
Alan Daigle (846-0568)
Don Smith (846-3577)
Gary Swank (846-2844)
Al Truesdale, President (846-1500)

February 2011 Seabrook Point POA Board Meeting

Monday, February 28, 2011

Present: Al Truesdale, President, Alan Daigle, Vice-president, Gary Swank, Secretary, Don Smith, Treasurer. Christa Emminger, Member-at-large

Meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm at the home of Gary Swank.

Al Truesdale presented the agenda for the meeting. The agenda was approved. The minutes of the January 17, 2011 meeting were approved as amended.

Don reviewed the financial report from Bundy for the period ending January 2011. It was decided to have Kathy Bundy follow up on all past-due accounts. [Sensitive material omitted]  The financial report was accepted as read.

Al Truesdale presented his preliminary agenda for the Annual SPPOA meeting. He asked Don Smith to give the financial report and to ask for approval for the 2011-2012 budget. Gary Swank is to give a report on the community’s activities for 2010.  Christa Emminger is to report on the status of the updating of the covenants/by-laws, as well as legal expenses incurred. Frank Emminger will give a report from the Roads Commission (Special Tax District).

Nominations were opened for new members of the Roads Commission. The following were nominated, but must appointed by the County Council before they can serve: Frank Emminger, Bill Waldron, Judy Daigle, Steve Jones, Jim Minor, and possibly Al Truesdale if Jim Minor cannot serve.

The annual meeting will be held at Grays Hill Baptist Church on Monday, March 14th, at 7 p.m. The SPPOA will have Kathy Bundy issue a check in the amount of $150 for use of the church.

Christa will hold her first meeting for the covenants revision committee next Wed., march 8th.

Don is officially stepping down from the board with this meeting. Al expressed the board’s appreciation for his years of service.

The board will establish a meeting date for our next board meeting after the Annual Meeting. At that point, we will know who has been elected to the board, and Al Truesdale will then set up a date.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Swank, Secretary

Seabrook Point Web Site–2010 Annual Report


We created the web site to provide an accessible source of information about our community and a resource for community members.


The web site contains a community history and description, a visual fly-over, and a way for visitors to receive turn-by-turn directions to Seabrook Point. We also offer a contact form with automatic record keeping. For community members, we offer up-to-date property owner and architectural committee forms and a community newsletter, kept up to date by the webmaster. A private log in function is implemented, but not used.


Our web site is well-positioned on the search engines. A Google search for “seabrook point” displays our site at the top of the list. Both community members and outsiders are using the website, although usage so far is minimal. We have initiated detailed tracking and will make the results available.


The web site is under budget for 2010. We project to stay within budget for 2011.  Bob Roth, a community member, provides professional web site creation and webmaster services at no cost to the community.

Plans for 2011

Additional functions and use depend on community requirements, which we will survey this Spring. Our objective is to offer additional services but to balance services with the need to maintain privacy. We need to maintain vigilance in the fact of potentially malicious users, and we have the ability both to restrict private functions to property owners and to allow property owners to control exposure of personal information. We will describe additional services and seek community input in our survey. In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions, or requests, please use the web site contact form.

Bob Roth

14 March, 2011