Seabrook Point Ladies Lunch

From: Nita Hite

Subject: Seabrook Point Ladies lunch

We ladies of Seabrook Point deserve a monthly get together to socialize and get to know our neighbors better. September 27th at Ruby Tuesday at noon we will have our first meeting. Possibly we can start game night, bridge, book club and quilting group if there is any interest and we know there is. Please call Nita Hite if you plan to come. If you need a ride, call me. Bring a friend.

Nita Hite 846-1347

August 2011 Minutes of Seabrook Point POA Board Meeting

Monday, August 8, 2011

Present: Al Truesdale, President; Alan Daigle, Treasurer; Gary Swank, Secretary; Lorrie Smith, Vice-President; Christa Emminger, member-at-large, and Jim Minor, special guest

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm at the home of Al Truesdale. Al Truesdale presented the agenda for the meeting. The agenda was approved. The minutes of the April 11, 2011 meeting were approved as read. Alan Daigle reviewed the financial report from Bundy for the period ending July 2011. The report was approved as presented. The only extraordinary expenditure for July was $356 for the well repair.


  • Past Due Accounts- [name missing] is past due in payment of his mowing bill. Payment of the account will be legally pursued if payment isn’t received before September Board meetings.
  • Report from the Covenants Revision Committee (Ch. Christa Emminger). Christa’s first priority has been to create a cohesive team. They have completed the history of the community, and are creating a priority list of needs for covenant revisions. Her committee plans to survey the entire community. Once the survey results have been tabulated, she will present these findings to the Board. She would also like to create some focus groups, and draw a consensus from the community at large. The findings will then be presented to an attorney for final written form. Roads Commission
  • Appointments -The County Council has approved our nominations to date (Frank Emminger, Judith Daigle, Steve Jones, Al Truesdale).


  • Tax Fire District-Jim Minor reported on the tax bill for our Burton Fire District (100). We are currently paying approximately twice the millage of what other community fire districts are paying. Jim further pointed out that fire protection for Seabrook Point is extremely limited, since the nearest fire hydrant is located two miles away. He suggested that we meet with Gerald Dawson, our County Councilman, regarding our tax status with the Burton Fire Dep’t. Jim has agreed to attend if we arrange a meeting with Gerald Dawson.
  • Dock Trespassing. The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Dep’t has recommended that we post dock area NO TRESPASSING signs, and a sign quoting Title 23-Law Enforcement regarding Law Enforcement and Public Safety, SC statute 23-1-15. The Sheriff’s Department can then make arrests of trespassers in the entire dock area. The Board also approved the purchase and installation of No Trespassing signs, and a sign stating the proper statute covering trespass violations.
  • Lots to be mowed- Alan Daigle will review lots needing to be mowed. The former [name removed] property, now in foreclosure, is overgrown. The bank in ownership is responsible for that lawn. [Name removed] Several properties were discussed. [Name removed] lot has large downed branches that have been on the property for a couple of weeks. We will wait before sending a letter.
  • Water hose at the dock- needs to be replaced. The Board agreed to replace the hose from general funds.