Seabrook Point May Ladies Luncheon

Well it is time for another luncheon for the Seabrook ladies. We will meet at The Tooting Egret,

706 Craven Street, It is right on the cornor of Craven and Scott St, across from the Beaufort Arsenal, In front of the library on Scott St. The time is 12 noon. Hope to see you all there Tuesday May 29th. If any questions please call Arlene.

Minutes of the Seabrook Point 2012 Annual Meeting

2012 SPPOA Annual Meeting


Board members present: Al Truesdale, President; Lorrie Smith, Vice-President; Gary Swank, Secretary; Alan Daigle, Treasurer; Christa Emminger, member-at-large

Fifty-eight proxies were received for a valid meeting quorum.

The meeting was called to order at7:03 p.m. by board chairman Al Truesdale. He welcomed the community and expressed appreciation to the community volunteers:

Agenda for the meeting was approved. 2011 Minutes were approved.

Al thanked all the members who volunteered their help in the community this year, and he especially noted the following for their service

  •   Frank and Christa Emminger for decorating entrance during the Christmas season, and Nita Hite for her floral work
  •   Hettie Nijman was praised for hand-painting street signs
  •   Bob Roth was complimented for the professional website he maintains for the association

The following new SPPOA members were welcomed:

  • Dwight and Laura Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Greene
  • Keith and Zelda Dawkins

The Community also noted the death of Nita Hite with sadness. Nita was a long-time resident and supporter of the community.

The Secretary, Gary Swank, gave a report outlining the board’s activities over the last year, as well as major community activities.

Steve Jones gave a report on new building and major repairs, new paint jobs, and renovations.

Alan Daigle gave the treasurer’s report, and submitted the proposed budget for 2012. Major expenditures upcoming are dock maintenance and gravel repair. The budget was unanimously approved as submitted.

Frank Emminger gave a road report. Since our road financing is overseen by the USDA, we must maintain its right of ways. In November, 2010, a letter was sent to all property owners outlining the road right-of-way which was to be kept clear. Some members had fences or plantings in the right-of-way, and these were marked with white flags for correction and removal. There were some objections to the ruling.

Frank also noted that there were two resignations from the group. County council has to approve any new nominations to the committee. Frank also addressed the drainage ditch issues and their proposed resolutions.

Steve Jones gave a report on the Road Commission’s finances and remaining road loan balance.

Al brought up the election for new board members. Nominees are: Christa Emminger and Ed Pardue. There were no additional nominations. Both nominees were elected unanimously. Tellers for the election were Gwen Moore and Judy Swank.

Christa Emminger gave a report on the status of the Covenants and By-Laws. There are three different issuances that will be consolidated to eliminate any conflicts. Her committee is charged with the revisions.  A survey will be submitted to the community for feed – back on the new covenants.

The floor was then opened to resident comments:

  • Shell fishing has been restricted on the Whale Branch
  • Old railroad pilings across the Whale Branch River are being removed down to the concrete bases to eliminate hazards for water traffic.
  • Loose dogs continue to be a problem in the community. Some feral dogs are in the woods.
  • School bus speeds through the community. It is again time to call the bus company.

Members were warned to watch for cars following FedEx and UPS trucks. There have been reported instances of theft from peoples’ porches.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Swank, Secretary