A Reminder Concerning the Comunity Dock

Seabrook Neighbors,

Over the past week we have received numerous complaints from residents about abuses of the dock rules for the community dock, most of which we are sure were not intended to offend anyone.

PLEASE remember:

1. No boats are to be left tied to the dock float for longer than twenty-four hours.

2. Property owners must be present with their guests.  Some property owners are “granting” use of the dock facilities to friends and family members.  The Dock Rules do not permit this.  Please make sure to place a note over the dashboard of a guest’s vehicles that identifies the property owner.

3.  If you leave your boat tied the float for more than a few minutes, please tie it to one end of the float or the other so as not to block its use by others.

4. All vehicles and trailers are to be parked well clear of the loading and turn-around area.  We have had an increasing number of vehicles blocking the lane and parking on the edges of the graveled area.

5. All vehicles owned by Property owners must display a current Seabrook Point decal.  Otherwise, vehicles appear to be illegally present.  Official decals for Property Owners can be obtained from Mr. Alan Daigle.   Application forms for parking permits are available on the SPPOA web site.

Please remember that courteous consideration of others makes our community dock a pleasure for all Seabrook Point property owners.

Please immediately report intruders to one of the Board members.

The SPPOA Board of Directors

Al Truesdale, President (843-846-1500)
Lorrie Smith, Vice-President (843-846-5200)
Gary Swank, Secretary (843-846-2844)
Ed Pardue, Treasurer (843-846-8655)
Christa Emminger, Member at Large (843-846-0568)