Request for Nominations for the Seabrook Point Property Owners Association Board of Directors

January 21, 2013

To all SPPOA members:

The By-Laws of the Seabrook Point Property Owners Association provide for a five-member Board of Directors.  Each Director serves a three-year term.

The By-Laws call for nominations to the BOD “prior to the annual meeting” (Article VI,Section 1). In compliance with the By-Laws, the current BOD is hereby soliciting nominations for the BOD. In the upcoming Annual Meeting (March 11, 6:00PM), the SPPOA membership will elect three Directors (two Directors have one remaining year of service). Nominations can be made from the floor.

Persons nominated to the BOD must be SPPOA members in good standing, meaning that payment of their Annual Assessment is current, that there are no liens against their property, and there are no unpaid fines. It is also preferable that nominees be persons who have in the past shown a lively interest in the well-being of the community. They must be willing to give a considerable; amount time, and work cooperatively in a collegial setting.

There is a strong need for qualified persons to step forward to be willing to serve on the BOD, and on the other SPPOA committees. If you wish to nominate one or more persons to serve on the BOD, first make sure the person is willing to serve. Then submit the person’s name to a member of the current BOD. You may do this by telephone, by email, or by snail mail (P.O. Box 13, Seabrook, SC). Nominations must be received no later than Monday, February 4, 2013.

Thank you,

Al Truesdale, President (843-846-1500)
Lorrie Smith, Vice-President (843-846-5200) plantingdreams2003@yahoo.coin
Gary Swank, Secretary (843-846-2844)
Ed Pardue, Treasurer (843-846-8655)
Christa Emminger, Member at Large (843-846-0568)

January Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon on January 29

Hello everyone, Now that the Holidays are behind us, it is luncheon time again. Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are going to Papaya’s Resturant { Thai & Sushi Bar} the 29th of January at noon. It is located near Pigeon Pt. next to Talbots.  The parking is behind Talbots on  Boundary St. You can either take the street along side of Talbots or the next street being Pigeon Pt .

Click here to view the menu.

I am weeding out my marigolds and cannas & Nandina trees. If anyone would like any please call or come by. I will be home Wednesday & Saturday.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday at noon at Papayas.



December 2012 Minutes of Seabrook Point Property Owners Board

Board Meeting of December 20, 2012

 Board members present: Al Truesdale, Ed Pardue, and Gary Swank.
Lorrie Smith and Christa Emminger were absent.

Al Truesdale called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at his home. Al then introduced the agenda, which was approved.

The minutes of the meeting of November 15th, 2012 were presented and accepted as read.

Ed Pardue reviewed the financial reports from Bundy for November, 2012. Ed presented a recap of income and expenses by month. His recap is attached. Ed’s statements were approved as received.Only major expenses for November were the Fall Fling costs and annual property taxes.

Old Business-

Entrance Security Cameras– Ed Pardue proposed that the association undertake the installation of a security camera system at the entrance and at the dock to provide better security. The sheriff’s department is in favor of this system for homeowners’ associations. The board approved the motion. A bulletin detailing this proposal will be outlined to the community, and this issue will be brought up for a vote in the annual meeting.

Nomination for Roads Commission– Keith Dawkins’ nomination was accepted by the county. We are still short one member. The board will continue to contact members of the association for possible candidates.

New Business

2013 Regime Fees- The board decided that an increase would not be in order for 2013, given that expenses are not anticipated to increase substantially. Ed Pardue submitted a preliminary budget outline. A proposed final budget will be drafted for the 2013 annual meeting for approval by the association.

Board of Directors– Lorrie Smith, Gary Swank, and Al Truesdale were elected in 2011, and their two-year terms expire as of March, 2013. Christa Emminger and Ed Pardue were elected in 2012 and have one year remaining on their terms of office. The board will begin to ask for nominations for the upcoming annual meeting.

Special dock use policy– The board has in the past received requests for special events to be held at the dock. Ed has written a proposed policy based on the association’s dock rules. This policy will be reviewed at the January 2013 board meeting.

Attorneys’ fees- Christa Emminger, who is in charge of revision of the covenants, has requested, and received authorization for, additional funds for legal fees for consultation, if needed.

With no further business before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

The next meeting of the board will be on January 17th at 6 p.m. at the home of Gary Swank.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Swank,
SPPOA Secretary