Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon May 28


The time has arrived for the next ladies luncheon. On Tuesday, May 28 we will go to Traditions on Parris Island. No reservations are required. I called and asked for a table for ten persons. Traditions will serve fried chicken and county fried steak, and plenty of salad and other vegetables.

If you don’t have a military sticker or ID, you will need proof of registration and insurance. If you need to ride with someone whose auto has a sticker then meet at the Seabrook Post Office at 11:15.

If anyone has a military sticker please be at the post office to offer a ride. If you have questions call me.

This will be our last luncheon until September 24th, October 29th, and  January 2014.

Thank you,


Minutes of the March 11, 2013 Annual Meeting



Board members present: Al Truesdale, President; Gary Swank, Secretary; Ed Pardue, Treasurer; Christa Emminger, member-at-large

Sixty-six proxies were received for a valid meeting quorum. Twenty-eight members were physically present.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by board chairman, Al Truesdale.

Agenda for the meeting was amended. An additional motion, put forth by Bonnie Rogers was added. The agenda was then approved. The 2012 Minutes of the annual meeting were approved as written.

Al thanked all the members who volunteered their help in the community this year, and he especially noted the following for their service: members of the ACC, members of the Roads Commission, all those who worked on community projects, Judy Swank for maintaining the SPPOA Directory, Arlene Oliver for organizing the monthly Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon, and Bob Roth was complimented for the professional website he maintains for the association

The following new SPPOA members were welcomed:

-Joshua and Karen Langham, 39 Seabrook Point Drive

– Marvin and Charlene Goodwin, 47 Seabrook Point Drive

The secretary, Gary Swank, gave a brief report outlining the board’s activities over the last year, as well as major community activities.

Kevin May of the Architectural Control Committee gave a report on new building and major repairs, new paint jobs, and renovations. These included the Goodwins- new home, and improvements for the Jackson, Broggi, and Ross- new homes. Kevin gave an overview of changes people might want to make that should be reviewed with the ACC.

Ed Pardue gave the treasurer’s report, and submitted the proposed budget for 2013. The budget was unanimously approved. Fees were not increased for last year and this year, but will probably be required next year. The board did an informal audit at Bundy’s offices in 2012.

Al Truesdale then called for the election of Board members for a term of service for two years. Nominees are: Al Truesdale, Alan Daigle, and Gary Swank. Nominations from the floor were opened. Bonnie Rogers nominated herself, from the floor.

Tellers for the election were Catherine Pardue and Judy Swank. Al Truesdale, Alan Daigle, and Gary Swank were elected to two-year terms.

A vote on the proposal to install security cameras at the entrance and dock areas was introduced. Ed Pardue reviewed the process of exploring the viability of cameras, and the difficulty in securing written bids for a system. Of three firms contacted in writing and by phone, only one firm gave a firm, written bid. Discussion followed regarding the board’s attempt to secure bids, a perceived lack of information regarding the camera system, and side issues such as a gate system. A motion was made and seconded to table this vote indefinitely.

Christa Emminger gave a report on the status of work on the Covenants and By-Laws. Dorothy Ann Rowland, Alan Daigle and Margaret Bukkosy serve on this committee. Dealing with multiple sets of covenants, lack of enforceable covenants, and different areas in the community technically under differing rules are just some of the issues being dealt with. Some of the covenants in place have sun-set rules for enforcement. The committee is continuing to work through this major project.

Revised Seabrook Point Directories were handed out.

A report from Robert Roth was received in writing regarding our association’s web site. Although Robert could not be here, he was commended for his excellent work in keeping the web site attractive and current. The board’s meetings are regularly posted on the site, so that the community can stay informed on activities the SPPOA is involved in.

Bonnie Rogers proposed a motion that service on the board be limited to two terms. This action would require a change in our by-laws by a vote of two-thirds of the entire community membership, since current covenants have no limitation on terms of service. Her motion was seconded. Discussion then ensued. Those attending then voted. The motion was defeated by the 28 present and by the 36 proxies held by the board. The vote was 62 against, 2 for.

The floor was then opened to resident comments. Most comments were in regard to items previously discussed in the meeting.

Al Truesdale made the following Community Reminders:

  • Covenants and Restrictions- read and be familiar with our governance
  • ACC Guidelines- contact Kevin May before undertaking major renovations or addition
  • Dock Rules- please abide by the rules for the safety and use of the facility by other boaters in the community
  • SPPOA Decals- please have them displayed in your vehicle(s) windows. See Alan Daigle if you need new decals
  • Property Maintenance- we have a beautiful community; let’s keep it that way
  • Dog leash rules- please observe
  • Speed limit- 25 mph!

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Swank, Secretary