Minutes of January 6, 2014 Board Meeting

Board members present: Al Truesdale, Ed Pardue, Gary Swank, Christa Emminger, Alan Daigle, and Kevin May of the ACC.

Al Truesdale called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. at Gary Swank’s home. Al then introduced the agenda, which was approved.

Minutes of the board meeting of October 14, 2013 were read and amended. The second paragraph of the paragraph on assessments was stricken. The minutes were then approved.

Ed Pardue presented the October and November 2013 financial statements.

Discussion of ACC standards with Kevin May, Chairman: Kevin has several requests for building projects on hand. Christa gave Kevin a recap of the proposed revisions for the ACC standards pending with Tom Mikell, our attorney. The ACC standards will become a permanent part of the SPPOA Restrictive Covenants when approved by the SPPOA membership. Kevin has been working with Chad Noble regarding a permanent outbuilding. There are also has two pending lot purchases and is discussing building plans with prospective owners. Kevin related that he may be gone during April, May, and June. 

Old Business

Restrictive Covenants Revision: By the end of January we hope to have a draft copy of the revised Covenants. Copies will be distributed to the Board of Directors for review and suggested changes. Once the document is refined, copies will be sent to SPPOA members for their consideration. Two informational meetings for SPPOA members will be conducted, with Tom Mikell present to answer questions. Hopes are that this process will be completed in time for a vote by the membership on the same date as the March Annual Meeting. Because approval of the revised Covenants will require a favorable vote by three-quarters of the SPPOA membership, Tom Mikell suggests that we appoint a proxy committee for contacting members who have not returned their proxies by a certain date.

Boat dock security: Alan Daigle reported that the cost of putting in two posts, a chain, and a combination lock to secure the loading ramp against intruders will be approximately $1100. He also suggested we issue new stickers. Motion was made and passed to proceed with installing the posts. Motion was also made and approved to issue new decals for dock parking. 

Roads Commission Nomination: A possible nominee was discussed. The Commission is short one member.

New Business

Nominating Committee for Board Members: Terms of service for Christa Emminger and Ed Pardue expire this year. Neither of them wishes to stand for re-election. Serving as the nominating committee, the Board of Directors put forth a number of persons to be contacted for possible service as BOD members: [for privacy, names omitted]. Nominees will come from that list. Also, a letter will be sent to all SPPOA members to solicit from them additional nominations for a two-year term of service.

House fire on Stagecoach Road: The fire at the home of Clifford and Tamara Dey (8 Stagecoach Road) has added impetus to efforts to secure Beaufort/Jasper water service for Seabrook Point, a topic on which the SPPOA BOD has taken no position.

Unauthorized dock use by tenant: There was discussion of unauthorized use of the dock facilities by the tenant of 17 Stewart Street. The Board voted to ask Tim Mikell to send a letter of warning regarding trespassing violations to the property owner and to the offending tenant.

The board set the date and place for next meeting on Feb 10th [rescheduled to March 17] at Al Truesdale’s home, 6 p.m.

The board then voted for adjournment, there being no further business.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Swank,
SPPOA Secretary

Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon March 25

Hello Seabrook Point Ladies,

 This month we are going to the Sisters (New management) located at the old restaurant named the Office. It is across the way from Bi Lo, to the right as you face Bi-Lo.

Sisters, 12:00 P.M., March 25, 2014
2121  Boundary street, Ste 100, Beaufort

(Sisters is known as Savannah’s home for real Southern Cooking). Hope to see you there.

 If there are any questions or if you want a copy of the menu please contact me.


Webmaster Note: You can find a 50% discount for Sisters of the New South at Groupon.com (Savannah/Hilton Head)

Important! Please Reply With Your Proxy

Seabrook Point neighbors,

If you have not already completed and mailed your proxy and ballot for the 2014 Annual SPPOA Meeting, March 31, 7:00 P.M., Grays Hill Baptist Church, please do so now. To conduct the Annual Meeting we must have a minimum fifty-one percent membership proxy and ballot response.

For your convenience, you can download a copy to be completed and mailed, FAXed (843-846-4509), or emailed (captaingary@hargray.com). The mailing address is P.O. Box 13, Seabrook, SC 29940. Go to http://www.seabrookpoint.com/2014Proxy.pdf.

At the suggestion of Mr. Jim Minor, Seabrook Point resident and Solid Waste Manager for Beaufort County, an important Pet Waste and Water Quality brochure has been posted under “Community News” on the SPPOA website, http://www.seabrookpoint.com.

Thank you,

The SPPOA Board of Directors

Al Truesdale, President (843-846-1500)
Alan Daigle, Vice President (843-846-6025
Gary Swank, Secretary (843-846-2844)
Ed Pardue, Treasurer (843-846-8655)
Christa Emminger, Member at Large (843-846-0568)

Walking Your Pet? Read This, Please

We have gotten several questions and comments about pet etiquette at Seabrook Point. Our waterfront location requires special attention. Please use this pamphlet as a guide.


Board of Directors
Seabrook Point Property Owners Association