June 24 Seabrook Road Water Project Meeting

A meeting was conducted by BJWSA on June 24 at Whale Branch Early College High School to inform all persons who would be affected by a project to provide BJWSA water service to residents along Seabrook Road and Seabrook Point. Approximately 50 people, largely from Seabrook Point, attended.


The project would bring water service plus fire hydrants to 153 lots along Seabrook Rd. and in the Seabrook Point Subdivision.

BJWSA will accept and respond to questions until July 9, 2014 (15 working days following the meeting). On or about July 10 BJWSA will send ballots to all property owners in the affected area using the Beaufort County real property lists. The project will be approved only if at least 70% of the recipients return their ballot and 60% of the recipients approve the project. If the project were to be approved BJWSA would schedule construction, which construction would take approximately three months. If you have questions, or if you did not receive notice of this meeting, contact Matthew Brady, Communications Manager, BJWSA, 6 Snake Rd., Okatie, SC 29909. You can also call or email him (843-987-9123 or matthewb@bjwsa.org),

Reported by:
Bob Roth, Webmaster

Community Dock Reminder

We need your assistance. After unloading your boat at the community boat dock, please remember to park your vehicle and boat trailer well away from the loading and turn-around area. Recently, some vehicles and trailers have been left in the unloading path. Please be thoughtful regarding others who want to use the facility after you.
Also, some residents are failing to lock the security chain after unloading and loading watercraft. The ramp will be only as secure as together we make it. If you see that someone has failed to lock the chain, please kindly do it for them.
Please remember that the lock combination is not to be given to persons who are not SPPOA members.
If a guest is with you and brings along his or her vehicle, please place a note over the guest vehicle dashboard, stating that the owner of the vehicle is your guest (your name, and lot number/or street address). Otherwise, we have no way of knowing the vehicle is not trespassing.
If you need a new SPPOA parking decal, please print and fill in the request form located under “Forms” on the official SPPOA web site (http://www.seabrookpoint.com/parking.pdf). Send the form to Alan Daigle (board@seabrookpoint.com).

Seabrook Point Property Owners Board of Directors