Seabrook Point Entrance Paving Scheduled December 9-10

On Tuesday, December 9, Lane Construction Company will begin making repairs to both lanes of the Seabrook Point entrance. Over time, water run-off has undermined the entrance pavement in both lanes. On Tuesday, Lane Construction will saw cut and remove damaged asphalt. The new asphalt will be installed Wednesday afternoon, December 10. Bump signs will be installed to alert motorists.

Please be alert to the fact that crews will be working; slow down accordingly. Visibility at the entrance is naturally limited. So extra precaution is required.

The repairs are being funded by a small portion of the road taxes each property owner pays annually to the Seabrook Point Special Tax District administered by Beaufort County, and the Roads Commission members (SPPOA property owners) appointed by the Beaufort County Council.

Seabrook Point Property Owners Association Board