Interim Resolution for Revised Covenants–Includes Explanation


Regarding: Interim RESOLUTION
An Explanation of the Enclosure

Because the Seabrook Point Subdivision developed in three phases, there are places where the Restrictive Covenants prepared and recorded for each phase do not agree with, or do not repeat the contents of the Covenants that applied to a prior phase. In some instances, some activities that are prohibited in one iteration of the Covenants are not present in another. This irregularity can appear unfair for SPPOA members, and at times presents a challenge to the Board of Directors in its attempts to fulfill its responsibility to fairly enforce the Covenants. Eventually, when the work of comprehensively revising the Covenants is complete, and the community approves a solidly uniform governing document, there will be cohesion in the Covenants.

In the INTERIM, Mr. Tom Mikell, PC, the attorney who is guiding the Board of Directors through a balanced revision of our Covenants, has, in accordance with the SPPOA Articles of Incorporation, prepared a simple RESOLUTION that makes it possible for the Board to act more fairly and uniformly. In its September 22, 2014 meeting, the Board of Directors, upon the counsel of Mr. Mikell, unanimously approved the RESOLUTION. Its interim use by the Board will begin on Monday, February 11, 2015 Again, the simple purpose of the interim RESOLUTION is to assist the Board of Directors in fairly executing its fiduciary responsibilities as stated in the Seabrook Point By-laws.

As instructed by our attorney, the enclosed material is being sent to all Seabrook Point property owners. An unavoidable delay in sending the RESOLUTION occurred because of accidental injury to Mr. Thomas Mikell.

Page three of the RESOLUTION refers to the three iterations or phases of development and related Restrictive Covenants. See the RESOLUTION below. Click the images for a larger view.

Thank you,

The SPPOA Board of Directors

2015 Interim RESOLUTION igned p. 1

Resolution Page 1

2015 Interim RESOLUTION signed p. 2

Resolution Page 2

2015 Interim RESOLUTION signed p. 3

Resolution Attachment A


January 2015 Seabrook Point Ladies Lunch

Happy New Year! I hope all had a joyful Holiday.

Now that the holidays are over, it is time for our Seabrook Point Lady’s Luncheon to resume. This month we will meet at Fat Patties Tuesday, January 27, 12:00 noon.

Fat Patties is famous for 8oz patties, made with a choice of beef, chicken, turkey, beef & bacon, shrimp or black bean (4 oz instead of 8 oz is available for $2.00 less). There are many other choices on the menu.

Fat Patties (click for website and menu) is located on your left at 832 Parris Island Gateway, across from the Enmark station and Bi Lo (just before Parris Island). If you go through the traffic light at Enmark you have gone too far. Hope to see you there.


P.S. If anyone is interested. I have extra Amarillo bulbs. They produce beautiful red lilies in the spring.

November 3rd, 2014 Minutes of Seabrook Point POA Board Meeting

Board members present: Al Truesdale, Gary Swank, Alan Daigle, Janice Powell, and Bob All.

Al Truesdale called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. at his home. Al then introduced the meeting agenda. The agenda was approved as presented.

Minutes of the board meeting of September 22nd, 2014 were presented. A correction was made regarding the withdrawal of a motion previously made by Jim Minor. The minutes were then approved.

Alan Daigle reviewed the financial statements for September, 2014. The financial statements were accepted as presented.

Old Business
Short and long-range planning- A standing long range issue is that the Road loan (special tax district) when created, made a proviso that when the loan is paid off, Beaufort County may or may not dissolve the Seabrook Point Special Tax District (Roads Commission) for collecting revenues to maintain the roads.

Short range planning needs to be undertaken for the following issues:

  • completion of revised covenants for the Association
  • Short and long- security
  • Short range- get estimates for gate security
  • Obtain bids for lawn and greens maintenance
  • Have Alan get quotes for additional plants for the entrance
  • follow up on gate at the dock
  • Follow up on family that has a separate RV with a dish antenna, apparently occupied?
  • Develop prospect list of members to be considered as possible future board members. They will be approached about the possibility of serving.

Preservative treatment of the dock- The board agreed to have the remainder of the deck preservative material on hand applied to the floating dock. Al Truesdale will hire an individual to do this work (using preservative on-hand).

Security issues- Janice Powell and perhaps Ed Pardue will continue to poll the SPPOA membership regarding the desirability of security gates for the community entrance.

Audit committee- An audit was conducted of the SPPOA books maintained by Bundy Asset Management. The report was satisfactorily completed, per the by-law requirements. The board voiced its appreciation to Nan All, Jane Rabon, and Peggy Johnson for this effort.

Report on the Restrictive Covenants Revision process- Al Truesdale has attempted to obtain more information regarding the attorney’s “Resolution” which was written for the Board. Al has not yet gotten a response from Tom Mikell.

Roads Commission- The two new members of this commission are Mr. Marvin Goodwin of 47 Seabrook Point Drive, and Mr. Clifford Dey of 8 Stagecoach Road. Both men will be filling the unexpired terms of the two individuals they replaced. Their terms will expire in 2015.

New Business
Annual SPPOA Assessment for 2015- Motion made and seconded to raise the Annual Assessment by 10% for the 2015 fiscal year as allowed by the SPPOA COVENANTS and BY-LAWS, due to upcoming expenses, maintenance of a sufficient reserve for the community dock which is not insured, and continuing legal fees. Discussion followed. The motion passed by a vote of 3 for, 2 against.

[Item redacted to protect privacy]

There being no further business, the board adjourned at 8:29 pm. The next board meeting will be held on Jan 5th at the home of Bob All at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Swank,