Dead Pecan Trees Removed

OldTreeJanice Powell reports that she had two dead pecan trees removed from her yard. As our splendid pecan orchard ages, the need to remove dead trees will increase. Janice wants you to know she has a company she feels will remove trees at an unusually low price. Contact her if you want to know more.

April 2015 Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon


This month, Tuesday, April 28th, for our luncheon we are going to meet at Moon Doggies Cafe, 930 10th Street. Take Parris Ave in Port Royal, left at 10th Street. Moon Doggies is on your right.

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Hope to have a large group for good conversations.

Only one more month before summer break. We plan on meeting at Agave Mexican Grill, May 26, the red building Just before CVS. Please mark your calendars.

Arlene Oliver
phone 843-466-2604

Reminder–Please Keep Unoccupied Lots Mowed

As the 2015 mowing season begins, the SPPOA Board of Directors urges all owners of unoccupied lots to keep your properties mowed and cleared on a regular basis throughout the growing season. Lots should be mowed a minimum of once each month during the 2015 growing season. Thanks to everyone already mowing their properties on a regular basis.

The By-Laws of the Homeowners Association require the Board of Directors to enforce the Declaration of Covenants. Article VII, Section 5 (Right of Entry) states:

In order to preserve the overall beauty of the area and to implement effective insect, reptile, rodent, and/or woods fire control, the “Association” reserves the right to enter upon any Lot on which a residence has not been constructed and on which a landscaping plan has not been implemented. Such entry may be made by the “Association” or their agents with tractors or other suitable devices for the purpose of mowing, clearing, cutting or pruning underbrush, weeds or other unsightly growth which, in the opinion of the “Association” detracts from the overall beauty, setting and safety of the “Properties”. The “Association” may likewise enter upon such land to remove any trash which has collected thereon without such entry and removal being deemed a trespass. The provisions of this Article shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the “Association” to mow, clear, cut or prune any lot or to provide garbage or trash removal services. The cost of this vegetation control and/or garbage or trash removal shall be paid by the Owner of the affected Lot.

In compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, the Board of Directors will contract to have lots mowed that meet the criteria noted above. All costs will be billed to the affected property owners and will be collected by Bundy Appraisal or the Association’s attorney if necessary.

We urge all owners of unoccupied lots to willingly comply with the requirements. No additional notice will be given. If you need assistance finding someone to mow your lot, please contact us.

The Seabrook Point HOA Board of Directors:
Zachary Curry, President
Janice Powell, Vice President
Bob Roth, Secretary
Cliff Dey, Treasurer
Bob All, Member-at-large

Seabrook Point POA Board Officers Elected

As stated in the by laws, the officers of the Seabrook Point Property Owner’s Association were elected at the first board meeting following their election at the March 9, 2015 Annual Meeting.

The meeting was held on April 9, 2015. The officers are:

Zachary Curry, President
Janice Powell, Vice President
Clifford Dey, Treasurer
Bob Roth, Secretary

Bob All will serve as member at large.

The next board meeting will be on May 11, 2015 at 6:30 PM at the home of Bob All.

Bob Roth

February 23rd, 2015 Minutes of Seabrook Point POA Board Meeting

PO Box 13,  Seabrook, SC 29940

Board Meeting of February 23, 2015

Board members present: Al Truesdale, Gary Swank, Alan Daigle, Janice Powell, and Bob All.

Al Truesdale called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at his home. Al then introduced the meeting agenda. The agenda was approved as presented.

Minutes of the board meeting of January 5th, 2015 were presented. The minutes were approved as read.

Alan Daigle reviewed the financial statement for January, 2015. The financial statement was accepted as presented. It was noted that there were still 15 delinquent annual membership fees outstanding.

Old Business

Alan Daigle reported that new signs for “Children at Play” and “No Soliciting…” have been purchased and put in place.

New Business

The board reviewed Seabrook Point landscaping contracts for the period April 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016. Two bids were under consideration: Lawn Solutions and Franco Brothers. The Franco bid was accepted provisionally, awaiting the receipt of copies of Franco’s appropriate insurance coverages.

The board then reviewed plans for the March 9, 2015 annual meeting. Al Truesdale has prepared an agenda for that meeting, which the board approved. Each board member accepted responsibility for their portion of the upcoming meeting.

The board then reviewed plans to obtain the needed remaining proxies to enable a quorum for the meeting. A review of proxies received to date indicate that we apparently have sufficient proxies to conduct the meeting.

Meeting materials for the upcoming meeting are being sent to new people buying a home in Seabrook Point.

There being no further business, the board adjourned at 7:40 pm. The final meeting of the currently existing board will be the annual SPPOA meeting of March 9th.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Swank,


BJWSA Seabrook Road Water Application Grant Meeting April 6

At the request of Jim Minor:

The Lowcountry Council of Governments has planned a meeting Monday at 6:00 PM at the Whale Branch Early College High School cafeteria regarding the application for a grant to defray the cost of bringing water and sewer lines to residences along and near Seabrook Road.

While this project does not directly address water and sewer for residences of the Seabrook Point Subdivision, if approved, it would bring water and sewer lines nearer to Seabrook Point.

Those interested may contact Rhonda Davis, Community & Economic Development Technician, Lowcountry Council of Governments at (843) 726 – 5536.