May 2015 Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon

Hoping all can make it to our last luncheon this season. It is a chance to meet and chat with some of our neighbors. It is really very pleasant.

This month’s lunch is upstairs at Agave Mexican Grill, May 26, at noon. The Agave Grill is in the big red building just before CVS at1430 Ribaut Rd, across from Fergusson Enterprise Inc. Click here for directions. Agave

After the 26th, we will take a few months off for summer time. Our next luncheon will be September 29, 2015.

Arlene Oliver.

April 6, 2015 Minutes of SPPOA Board Meeeting

Board members present: Janice Powell, Bob All, Zachary Curry, Clifford Dey, and Bob Roth. Former Board Members present: Al Truesdale, Gary Swank, Alan Daigle, Christa Emminger. Roads Commission Chairman Frank Emminger, and Architectural Control Committee chair Kevin May.

Al Truesdale called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at his home. Al introduced all those present. Al then introduced the meeting agenda. The agenda was approved as presented. Minutes of the board meeting of February 23rd, 2015 were presented. The minutes were approved as read.

Alan Daigle reviewed the financial statements for February and March, 2015. The financial statements were accepted as presented. It was noted that there were still 5 delinquent annual assessments outstanding, as well as an invoice from attorney Mikell, just received. One invoice is still outstanding for the prior landscape contractor.

Old Business

Al Truesdale pointed out that the five annual assessments still unpaid are now over 60 days old. Liens need to be placed against those delinquent properties. Mr. Truesdale informed the new board that the Seabrook Point landscaping contract for the period April 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016 has been awarded to The Franco Brothers. This was done (after receiving three competitive bids) to make sure landscaping would not be interrupted while awaiting installation of the new Board of Directors.

New Business
The outgoing board then reviewed their assignments for the benefit of the incoming board.

  • Al Truesdale related some of the details of the president, but because they are numerous in detail, he offered to meet with the newly elected president and review them in person.
  • Gary swank detailed the basic responsibilities of the secretarial position, and was prepared to turn over all documents, the SPPOA seal, and the Seabrook Point P O Box key for the incoming secretary.
  • Alan Daigle described the duties of the treasurer, pointing out that after bills are approved, they are actually paid by Bundy Asset Management, which handles all funds for the association. It was noted that they also handle all mass mailings to the property owners of SPPOA.
  • Kevin May, chairman of the Architectural Control Committee, outlined his areas of responsibility. He noted that one of his committee has resigned and he currently has only three members. Mr. May noted that, because his committee currently has no real enforcement powers, he is limited in demanding that ACC rules be followed.
  • Frank Emminger, the Roads Commission chairman, noted that his group’s responsibility is to protect the roads within the community. He pointed out that all the roads are private, conveyed to the community by the McLeod family. The original loan of $475,000 was made in 1995 for paving, and the roads are mortgaged under a special Seabrook Point tax district established in 1990. The SPPOA deeded all roads, right-of-ways, and drainage ditches to the tax district as collateral. The mortgage is being paid down by each property owner annually as part of their annual property tax bill. The Roads Commission is a separate entity from the SPPOA board. The board nominates members for the Commission, but the County Council approves the members.
  • Christa Emminger then outlined her responsibilities as chairperson for our Covenants and Restrictions Revision Committee, which is charged with consolidating the various covenants currently governing the association’s members into one cohesive set of covenants. This ongoing work is being done in coordination with attorney Tom Mikell. The most important issue is developing sufficient enforcement protocols into the new covenants so that the board can effectively and fairly govern the community.

Al Truesdale then called on the new board members to elect officers from within their board, as called for by the current by-laws. The new board elected its officers as follows:

  • President- Zachary Curry
  • Vice-President- Janice Powell
  • Secretary- Bob Roth
  • Treasurer- Clifford Dey
  • Member-at-large- Bob All

Janice Powell then offered several issues that need to be covered in future meetings.

Zachary Curry, the new president, then set the time, date, and place for the next meeting, to be on May 11th, at 6:30 p.m. at Bob All’s house.

The incoming board resolved to heartily thank the outgoing board members for their conscientious, creative, and long-standing service to the community.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Roth, Secretary
Gary Swank, Past Secretary

Soliciting In Seabrook Point Discouraged

No-Soliciting-Window-Decal-Sign-S-4917We have heard of a recent round of door-to-door solicitors in Seabrook Point. Soliciting is discouraged, if for no other reason than to minimize the presence of non-residents. Please feel free to discourage solicitors you encounter, and to complain to their companies if possible.