Covenant Survey Results

Thanks to those who took the time to complete the Seabrook Point Property Owners Survey. We asked owners to comment and indicate how strongly they felt about 54 proposed covenant and restriction areas.

Approximately 30% of the property owners responded.

The topics responders felt least strongly about include ACC Fees, preserving trees, for sale signs, mailbox consistency, and yard sales. They felt most strongly about residential use only, requirement for written approval, property maintenance, no temporary buildings, maintenance of common property, speed limits, a community style guide, compatible houses, proper setbacks, no inoperable vehicles or unsightly activities, and controlling nuisances and noise.

Detailed results from the survey, anonymized to protect privacy, are available on request.

The comments (some rewritten to combine them) included:

  • A renter to help with bills should be allowed.
  • Long-term rentals should be allowed. Renters must have clause stating renters must abide by/acknowledge all covenants; 12 month minimum lease.
  • Budget for attorney fees should be fixed. Should be fines and penalties associated with violations.
  • Structures need to allow carport-type covers for boats not visible from street.
  • Equating a well house with a shed is silly. Need to update.
  • Oppose lowering the minimum size of a house.
  • Vehicle storage controls? Boats allowed on side or back. Motor homes not visible from road. Need to provide a community storage area.
  • Primary commercial vehicles must be allowed if only form of transportation, but size limitations should apply (i.e. contractor with w/pickup ok, but “honey dipper” not ok). Commercial vehicles allowed if garaged.
  • Street lights needed.
  • Nuisance and noise must be defined.
  • Firearms allowed for protection, defense, threats, e.g. coyotes and snakes.
  • All dogs on leash; Animal waste restrictions; Pets limited to small household animals.
  • Compost allowed; screening required. Remove existing burn/garbage piles and discontinue in future.
  • Limit mature height roadside trees.
  • Sign specifications needed.
  • Speed limit control important, off-street parking not so important.
  • Driveways paved; no off-street parking.
  • Need fire protection.
  • Feasibility of architectural control limited by current lack of consistency and uniformity.
  • Concerned about cost of covenant revision vs value.
  • Need better definitions and enforcement penalties. Enforcement in the past has been inconsistent and often seems arbitrary.

Since the survey, we have focused on refining the initial draft and adding infraction penalties and ways to make enforcement more consistent and equitable. The next draft will be available this Spring, after which we can initiate review meetings and voting.

Don’t forget that you can review the covenants at any time online, using the key code we sent you in the mailing. If you have lost or forgot your key code, send an email to and we will reply with your key code.

Bob Roth
SPPOA Board of Directors

Community Dock Update

As promised, we have secured the dock and common areas with a more robust, permanent solution than before.

There is a combination lock at the gate. If you are a property owner, and we have your email, you have received an email with the combination (unchanged from before).

If you need the combination and haven’t received an email, please email us ( and we will reply with the combination if appropriate.

IMPORTANT: we still need to see decals or temporary passes on cars parked in the common area. It may seem like a belt-and-suspenders requirement, but history tells us this is a prudent approach.

Seabrook Point Property Owners Association
Board of Directors

February Seabrook Point Ladies Luncheon 2/23 at Noon

It is time for our luncheon. This month we are trying Truffles in Bluffton at the Belfair Towne Village.

Truffles CafeTake 170 to 278 East, count 6 traffic lights (counting the fire station light ), and turn left on Simmonsville Rd. There is a stone wall at the entrance that reads Belfair Towne Village. You will see Chow Daddy’s, IHop and Wendy’s. Go straight to second stop sign. Truffles is in the middle of the shopping center, between Stein Mart and Kroger. There is parking on the right. Or, click here for directions.

Please let me know if you need to car pool. I will need volunteers to drive. If you car pool, please give your driver five dollars toward gas.

Hope to see you there on Tuesday, 2/23 at Noon.


Request for Volunteers and Nominees for the Board of Directors

In preparation for our annual meeting, of which you will hear more soon, we would like to request your attention to (1) nominees for positions on the Board created by outgoing Board members and (2) assistance with the committees that help run our community.

The terms for Bob All and Janice Powell expire this year. We ask you all to join us to thank them for their service and in the search for replacements.

Also, we need you to consider volunteering to assist with one or more of the volunteer committees that help us both maintain low administrative costs and promote the atmosphere of friendship, teamwork, and comradery that makes Seabrook Point such a special place to live. Many of you have contacted the board this year over concerns and issues in the community.  We appreciate you reaching out to us. This is an excellent opportunity to help address the issues: security at the boat ramp and dock, maintaining the beauty of the community through lot maintenance, trespassing at the common areas, vehicles speeding through the community, and community member compliance with the Covenants. Please consider volunteering to help with community committees to address these issues. Here is a list of the committees and a short description that we think would bring value to our community:

  • Budget
    • Responsible to review the community budget on an annual basis and make recommendations to the board
  • Welcome / Sunshine
    • Welcome those who move into the community
    • Coordinate assistance (for those who desire it) for those recovering from illness, surgery, etc
    • Coordinate community gatherings
  • Security
    • Assist the Board in maintaining a safe and hazard free community
    • Organize the community Neighborhood Watch program
  • Community Projects
    • Assist the Board in maintaining the community lot maintenance and overall community beautification
  • Covenant rewrite
    • Assist the Board in completing a draft and final Covenant to present to the community

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of one of the committees. Call or email us, or click here to communicate your interest.  Thanks to all for your consideration and participation.

Seabrook Point Property Owners Association
Board of Directors

Community Dock Maintenance Starting Monday February 15

The community dock maintenance is scheduled this week. We are replacing boards and staining the dock, so it will be closed  from time to time starting on Monday the 15th. Since the work schedule depends on the weather, we cannot say with any accuracy exactly when the dock will be closed. We’ll keep the closings to a minimum.


Seabrook Point Property Owners Association
Board of Directors