May 2 Minutes of the Seabrook Point Property Owners Association Board of Directors

Minutes of May 2, 2016 Board Meeting
Attendees: Zach Curry, Steve Bukkosy, Cliff Dey, Seth Howard, Janice Powell, and Bob Roth.

The meeting was called to order at Zach Curry’s house at 6:30 PM. The Board approved the agenda and the minutes from the December 14th meeting.

Old Business
Property management: Bundy has assigned a community manager, Todd Keyserling, to work with the Board. Todd has identified several significant covenant violations. The Board has informed the property owners and will follow up. In most cases the community depends upon the willingness of property owners to abide by the covenants and restrictions. Board decided as a matter of policy that, rather than litigation, the best approach to community management is person-to-person contact to inform property owners of violations, with formal complaints and litigation only if necessary.

Covenant rewrite update: Bob Roth has analyzed and published the results of the covenant survey. He will incorporate the comments into the existing draft and publish a new draft in May. There are two remaining areas to complete: (a) a means of penalizing violations, perhaps via a schedule of fines, and (b) what to do about long-standing, existing violations.

Improved security for the boat ramp and dock area: The gate and fence have been installed and appear to reduce unwanted traffic as intended.

Dock treatment: The dock has been cleaned and treated.

As the number of families with children grows, speeding within the community becomes more serious. Bob All and Janice Powell had suggested various “traffic calming” solutions including portable radar stations and speed humps. The Board found the radar stations too expensive and agreed that speed humps would likely not be accepted by the community. Seth Howard will ask the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department if there is any way for the Sheriff to assist us (perhaps if the Board provided photographic evidence of speeding).

New Business

The primary purpose of the meeting was to transition newly elected members to the Board. The Board formally commended Bob All and Janice Powell for their contributions and outstanding service to the community over the past two years. Based on expected extensive travel, Cliff Dey requested that he be allowed to relinquish his position as Treasurer. Steve Bukkosy was unanimously elected to replace Cliff. The Board agreed that Zach Curry should remain as President, and that Bob Roth should remain as Secretary.

Bob Roth provided a DVD containing archives of the SPPOA to all Board members and will provide email records in the near future.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM. The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Roth, Secretary
Seabrook Point Property Owners Association

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