Minutes of the February 6 2017 Board Meeting

Meeting started at 6:30PM. Zach Curry, Seth Howard, Steve Bukkosy present, with Bob Roth attending by telephone.

Agenda and prior meeting minutes approved.

Old Business

  • Hurricane Matthew: Stumps from fallen trees in the boat ramp area were ground for an unusually low price of $600. SPPOA has still not received an invoice for removing trees felled by the Hurricane.
  • Plumbing around the entrance gate was repaired.
  • Stop signs needing work have been replaced.
  • Mowing/Landscaping: The Board will ask the project manager to solicit bids for mowing/landscaping the common areas in 2017.

New Business

  • 2017 Budget: 2016 expenses well within budget. 2017 budget is substantially the same with some differences: an increase in the allocation for Property Management, and decreases in dock maintenance and storm cleanup (due to heavy expenditures in 2016 not expected to be repeated in 2017).
  • Recommendation to have the community roads edged: Board moved to request Marvin Goodwin (Roads Commission) to analyze required near-term maintenance and make a proposal to the Board. Proposal would include specific items and associated costs. These items if approved by the Board would be funded by a short-term loan to the Roads Commission to be paid when Beaufort County transferred excess funds for the tax year to the Roads Commission. The Board also recommended that the Roads Commission make a brief presentation at the annual meeting explaining the relationship between SPPOA and the Commission and giving a status update.
  • Approve loan to the Road commission for drainage project completion: Given the significance of the work, the Board moved to advance a short term loan to the Roads Commission to fund the work instead asking the Roads Commission to defer the work until the County transferred the excess tax funds.
  • Purchasing/using common property for community RVs and boat storage: Board reviewed the idea. Several sites discussed. Sites need to be large enough, well drained and stable, and shielded from view. Project would require acquisition, preparation, security, and maintenance. Board may be able to fund acquisition, preparation, and security. Maintenance could come from an increase in the annual assessment. Seth Howard will approach Claude McCloud to see if he would assist us with project.
  • Finalize details for annual meeting: The week of April 24th was suggested. Zach Curry will see if the Holiday Inn is available. Bob Roth presented a list of work items. He will approach Gwen Moore for assistance and prepare an annual meeting workbook. Approximately $3,500 will be allocated to defer the cost of future meetings.
  • Letter received from –redacted–: The Board reviewed correspondence from –redacted– and requests to –redacted– to correct several deficiencies. Other than a few problems with timing, the Board did not find anything to indicate that –redacted– was unfairly treated. To avoid future problems, and to ensure equitable treatment, the Board will request that the property manager provide a monthly summary to the board covering requests and remedies and maintain a database that can be used to show uniformity and to detect anomalies.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Roth, Secretary
Seabrook Point Property Owners Association

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